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The Boo-Boos

Posted by Catherine Barr on

Cheeky ‘do-good’ fairies


It was the green umbrella’s doing really, for if he had not suddenly turned inside out and flown away over the seas, carrying Bunty, Mops, and Queen Elizabeth with him, they would never have found the Boo Boos. That’s for certain!


And so The Boo-Boos’ story begins… this is the first of the popular series written and illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell in the 1920s, encouraged by her publishers Valentine & Sons. The six little books are now relative rarities. The jaunty little ‘do-good’ elves created by Mabel Lucie Attwell have all kinds of adventures, led by their leader, a crown-wearing King. With Bunty, a young girl, her toy doll Queen Elizabeth and Mops her dog, The Boo-Boos’ tales are full of love, good intention and mischief. From the school to the farmyard and 'Santa Claus', the Boo-Boos conjure up the world of make-believe and adventure that bedtime stories are made of.

The Boo-Boos were a huge success and Mabel Lucie Attwell subsequently illustrated a series of postcards with Boo-Boos scenes. She also later designed the first six plates of a range of children’s nursery ware for Shelley Potteries with Boo-Boos scenes accompanied by a line of verse. A tea set followed with a mushroom house teapot and milk jug with a Boo-Boos’ arm as the handle, with milk poured out of his head!

There are six in the series:
Bunty and the Boo-Boos
The Boo-Boos and Bunty's Baby
The Boo-Boos at School
The Boo-Boos at the Seaside
The Boo-Boos at Honey Sweet Farm
The Boo-Boos and Santa Claus

Have a peak at our two limited edition Boo-Boos prints:
The Boo-Boos get Bunty ready
Boo-Boos bedtime

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