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Mabel and one of Britain's favourite authors – a shared love of making people smile

Posted by Rachel Stock on

The Water-Babies paperback brings a touch of sparkle to our range of books 

In an exciting addition to our paperback collaborations with publishers, Macmillan, Mabel's original line artwork vividly brings to life the story of one of Britain's most gifted writers.

Fascinating characters – Lord of all the fish, Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid, Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby, molly-mocks, the Examiner-of-all-Examiners, water-babies and a young boy called Tom – leap off the page and capture imaginations.

The Water-Babies paperback edition

Go on an adventure with a young boy called Tom into an underwater world. Discover fairies, insects and water nymphs as Tom starts a new life full of wonder and excitement.

First published by Macmillan in 1863, The Water-Babies is still one of the most unusual and enchanting children’s books ever written. This edition contains glorious original illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell and activities and a quiz to continue the fun.

Charles Kingsley wrote The Water-Babies for his son, Grenville, when he was about four. The classic tale of adventure, rescue and discovery shares Kingsley’s love of natural history, his fascination with scientific study and sense of duty to teach children moral values. For Mabel, his sense of humour must have made illustrating the tale a joy.

The new addition with a beautifully foiled cover is available here

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