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What's your Alice in Wonderland look?

Posted by Rachel Stock on

Mabel Lucie Attwell Alice in Wonderland collection

Alice is a curious girl whose look never stops changing. Her adventures began in 1865 when Lewis Carroll wrote the story about a young girl falling down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world full of peculiar creatures. Alice has enchanted generations ever since and become a bit a fashion trend-setter. 

Her style has been adopted and adapted across the world and has inspired many of the most celebrated designers, stylists and photographers. On Alice’s 150th birthday, the V&A Museum held an exhibition, called ‘The Alice Look’, to celebrate her status as a style icon. The exhibition shared photographs of many top models dressed as Alice and highlighted the different looks she’s been given in film. It seems that Paramount’s version in 1933 is the first occasion where Alice wears her now famous hairband. Disney’s 1951 Alice sees her in the full skirted, blue dress and white pinafore we’ve become so familiar with. While Tim Burton’s version in 2010 introduced a vivd and more adult look.

Mabel Lucie Attwell illustrated the classic story in 1911. Her Alice wears a white bow in her hair and a dress with turned-up cuffs and small flower print. Mabel’s original drawings feature on a new range of products designed to bring a fun and vibrant approach to fashion and accessorising. The range features t-shirts, bags, drinks bottle and nightie to pair with favourite jeans or loungewear for a fun and whimsical look. How will you add your twist to ‘style your Alice’?

However you try it, please share your Alice style with us:

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