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(By Mabel)

Make do with the dog – Wot a Life! Greetings card

Blank inside
This card is printed on recycled board and supplied with a quality recycled orange envelope 

105mm x 148mm.

An original illustration by Mabel Lucie Attwell from her ‘Wot A Life’ cartoon series published on 19 January 1935 with caption:

Cupid’s a ‘lad’ – an’ them lovers seem everywhere –

Even around in the rain-an’ the fog – – – –
But – so busy is he
He’s forgot about me
So – – – – I has to make do with the dog!

The ‘Wot A Life’ cartoon series ran in Laughter, the humour section of The Passing Show magazine. Records of the length of the series differ. Some suggest from 1933 to 1937, while others note that the cartoons appeared in The London Opinion, either before or after The Passing Show, and as late as 1943.

All original artwork ©Lucie Attwell Ltd

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