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Mabel Lucie Attwell



Mabel Lucie Attwell was a devoted mother and passionate artist – popular and successful throughout her life (1879–1964). She was perhaps best-known for her cryptic and amusing messages – empathising mostly with mothers facing the chaos of family life. Her delightful illustrations have filled the pages of children’s classics and motivated the national spirit through both World Wars. She painted cards for the Royal Family and graced the pages of The Tatler.

As family, we are proud to bring her gorgeous illustrations back to life. In this exciting new venture, we are rediscovering her most well-known originals and uncovering family memories and archives of her work spanning her extraordinary life – to share.

We are launching Mabel with a carefully selected series of illustrations for cards, prints and wrapping paper. If you remember her (or perhaps your granny does) they may lead you down memory lane, if you are discovering her for the first time, we hope you fall in love!

In the coming months, look out for new additions to our exciting new range of cards and gifts inspired by this great and much loved British illustrator. We really hope you enjoy them and want to share them too. Most of all, just as Mabel hoped, we hope her illustrations will make you smile.

Join us on Instagram and Facebook to enjoy and share the huge variety of illustrations that Mabel Lucie Attwell produced in her lifetime. Tell us what makes you smile, share your favourites and even your memories.

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