Have you noticed – it's leap year?

Our calendars are usually made up of 365 days, but every four years we add a day to make what is known as a 'leap year'. That's today – 29th February!
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When you're inspired by being a mum

Mabel Lucie Attwell said her greatest achievement in life was being a mum. 

‘…motherhood was the most wonderful thing in my life. My career is me and my pictures are me, but no artist, or writer – or scientist – could make anything as perfect as a baby, and yet through me it had been done.’

Self-portrait of Mabel with her daughter, Peggy, 1909

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What came first: caption or drawing?

How did the ideas tumble from Mabel's mind onto the page? Did she use a formula to ensure success whether postcard, book or comic strip?

We take a look at interviews with Mabel and her original artwork and notes to settle the question.


Mabel in her studio, c1961
illustrations Mabel Lucie Attwell vintage


Introducing… Mabel Lucie Attwell     Mabel Lucie Attwell was a devoted mother and passionate artist – popular and successful throughout her life (1879–1964). She was perhaps best-known for her cryptic and amusing messages – empathising mostly with mothers facing the chaos of family life. Her delightful illustrations have filled the pages of children’s classics and motivated the national spirit through both World Wars. She painted cards for the Royal Family and graced the pages of The Tatler. As family, we are proud to bring her gorgeous illustrations back to life. In this exciting new venture, we are rediscovering her most well-known originals and uncovering family memories and archives of her work spanning her extraordinary life – to share. We are launching Mabel...
illustrations Mabel Lucie Attwell vintage


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