Launching our new card range!   We are very excited to introduce our first range under our new Mabel brand. Teaming up with international retail business 1973 Ltd, we are launching a series of cards with gorgeous sculpted edging and classic original illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell, that many will recognise and we hope everyone will love.    From Fido’s cheeky look to cuddles and cuteness, Mabel’s wonderful characters appeal with a warmth and a sincerity that can’t fail to endear. We hope these carefully chosen illustrations will bounce off our pages to launch this exciting new venture. And there are plenty more surprises and smiles on their way, with a range of limited and other prints coming soon.  We are busy cataloguing...

Just our style

Chubby cheeks and cheeky smiles Impish expressions, cute poses and wide-eyed innocence characterise Mabel’s most famous illustrations – used by advertisers , postcard makers and national magazines alike. Her poster in 1913 for the London Underground Hullo! Did you come by Underground? launched her to new heights of popularity amongst the wider public for the first time. However, her characters were not modelled on her own children, who she adored, but ‘They just lived up to the ideas I had already been drawing for years.’ Her captions, which captivate and instantly amuse, are in fact aimed more at adults than children. ‘My idea is not so much to draw children for children, as to introduce them, if I may put...


Introducing… Mabel Lucie Attwell     Mabel Lucie Attwell was a devoted mother and passionate artist – popular and successful throughout her life (1879–1964). She was perhaps best-known for her cryptic and amusing messages – empathising mostly with mothers facing the chaos of family life. Her delightful illustrations have filled the pages of children’s classics and motivated the national spirit through both World Wars. She painted cards for the Royal Family and graced the pages of The Tatler. As family, we are proud to bring her gorgeous illustrations back to life. In this exciting new venture, we are rediscovering her most well-known originals and uncovering family memories and archives of her work spanning her extraordinary life – to share. We are launching Mabel...
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